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RoboJob helps customers through a new partnership with GEFA Bank

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Steven Craenen

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Oct 23, 2019

The message at the RoboJob stand during the EMO trade fair was an eye-catcher: a full RoboJob installation for less than € 2,000 per month. It attracted the attention of many visitors who want to commit to CNC automation.

RoboJob - the international market leader in CNC automation - announced a new partnership during the EMO trade fair. This time it wasn’t with a new dealer, but with the GEFA Bank in Germany. Thanks to this partnership, RoboJob customers can now lease a Mill-Assist Essential i with 20 kg robot for less than € 2,000 per month. Leasing is now also possible with other products for CNC automation.

"It’s our responsibility to think about how we can best help our customers," says Sales Manager Detlef Scholz. “We don’t only do this every day when deploying our robots and the associated production processes. We also proactively discuss the most optimal financing for the investments that our customers have to make. We’re now emphasizing this through a new partnership with GEFA Bank, one of the leading banks in the metalworking industry in Germany.”

Specifically, the collaboration means that a RoboJob customer in Germany still engages with RoboJob and its Dealers and Agents. When it comes to the numbers, RoboJob is now not only able to propose the purchase of a system, but also a leasing formula. When doing this, the RoboJob quotation is sent to GEFA Bank. They then give a definitive answer within 48 hours about the possibility and the cost price of the leasing formula. GEFA Bank checks the creditworthiness of the customer for this, and then immediately puts the proposal on the table. This way, the response is fast and the customer immediately knows where he stands.

“We are convinced that in this way we can offer our customers an attractive choice: buy it themselves or lease. It is of course down to the customer themselves; they get to decide which formula seems the most interesting to them." During the EMO trade fair there was already a lot of interest in the leasing formula. In the meantime, it turns out that the first purchases with the leasing formula have already been completed.

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