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Automation Team Day turns out to be a successful formula


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Oct 27, 2020

An unexpected success. The first edition of the RoboJob and Okuma ‘Automation Team Day’ turns out to be a particularly successful formula. When this new event quickly became fully booked, a second day was immediately added to the calendar. And on the second day too, the places were rapidly filled up. And now on to more of that...

The new "Automation Team Day" concept was set up by RoboJob, Okuma and also Sandvik now that trade fair planning for this year has been turned upside down. Since Coronavirus started to spread, numerous fairs have been cancelled or moved. It caused RoboJob to look for new concepts, and it now turns out that with the ‘Automation Team Day’ a productive formula for success has been found.

“We’re overjoyed,” says Jelle De Roovere, ‘Geschäftsführer’ at RoboJob GmbH. “Not just because registrations came in so promptly and all visitors also showed up. We are especially proud of the way in which we managed to keep everything running smoothly. Using this event, we’ve been able to show that we have all the means to receive, inform and entertain visitors, even in times of Corona. And all of that in a really safe way.

A lot of preparation preceded this: health regulations, registrations, gels and face masks. But it doesn't stop there. “We deliberately kept the number of participants limited,” says De Roovere. “We also divided that group into smaller groups, and several employees were deployed to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Stickers on the floor showed where visitors could stand and how to keep their distance. Headsets meant that everyone could also follow everything well from a distance.”

What really stood out was the positive ‘vibe’ during the event. “Everyone’s looking ahead again”, according to De Roovere. “Companies now recognise that there has to be a focus on CNC automation. It’s no longer a question of if and when, but how fast? "Glocalization" is the way forward: we have to again produce locally in Europe, and that’s only possible if CNC automation is used."

There are still workshops on the programme in the coming weeks at RoboJob.

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