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Six internships at the software department of RoboJob

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Software Development

Choosing for an internship at RoboJob means choosing to make an impact. We have no less than six internships to elevate our products and services. In return we offer you a great first working experience as a software developer.

1. 3D-visualisation for robot and CNC

Our software platform contains as many 3D visualisations as possible to support its users.

The goal of this project is to create a live 3D-visualisation for robots and CNC machines. Your visualisations are a perfect replica of their physical counterparts.

You'll work with Kotlin, TypeScript and threejs.

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2. Smartphone as an industrial camera

Attention everyone who loves to be on their smartphones, as this second projects involves much of it.

The goal is to develop an iOS app that turns smartphones into a legit industrial camera.

Your app will instantly communicate with our RoboJob software platform. After receiving the command, the smartphone camera will be able to capture images, send them to our cloud and push them towards our platform.

You'll work with Kotlin and Swift.

3. Procedural generated materials using Unity

The third internship project is for those who have an eye for detail, as you'll write a script for procedural generated materials in Unity.

The goal is to generate materials who show nearly a perfect similarity to real materials. Think about scratches, imperfections and other artefacts that are in abundance in an industrial setting. We really want to remember the feeling of a certain material when we look at your visual.

You'll work with Unity, C# and a lot of patience.

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4. Automatic software screenshots

We love to enrich our manuals with screenshots, but this habit involves more automation than you might think.

The goal of the fourth internship project is to develop a tool who can automatically capture screenshots from our software platform. Don't be too quick to say "easy", because the script also has to be able to decide which screens will be captured exactly, and the tool should communicate with our current infrastructure for automated integration tests. The app should run automatically and it should cover multiple languages to serve our customers all across the world.

You'll work with Kotlin and Python.

5. Distributed communications system

Our fifth internship aims to strengthen the communication between our robots, the CNC machine who they (un)load, our software platform and some other parties.

The goal is to create a proof-of-concept of a distributed communications system, reliant on Kafka, to enable and strengthen communication between different parties such as robots, cnc machines, our internal infrastructure et cetera.

It's important to keep an eye on the bigger picture here as you'll work with many different technologies and programming environments.

You'll work with Kafka, Kotlin, PLC- and robotics programming software.

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6. Constructive Solid Geometry libraries

Last but not least we're issuing an internship proposal about CSG or Constructive Solid Geometry. In this project we'll evaluate whether our current CSG library is still the best choice.

The goal of this internship project is to research the different available libraries for Constructive Solid Geometry.

Up next you'll compare our current library to the open-source alternatives or even a custom implementation. Finally we'll decide what's our next move.

A certain set of functionalities such as boolean operators for 3D shapes, will be configured in this new tool. Lastly we'll integrate the new platform with our RoboJob platform.

You'll work with Kotlin.

Our colleague Zeno chased his interest in robotics when looking for an internship, and four years later we're still going strong:

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