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Every sector is automating


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Jul 3, 2021

Our customers are active in a wide range of sectors and industries. Our robots are not only used by suppliers, but also by companies involved in Machine Construction, Agriculture, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals and in the production of Tools for CNC machines. Every day you see or use a product that one of our robots has worked with. After all, our customers are active in a wide range of sectors and industries. RoboJob's automation solutions are used to make the most diverse machines, devices or products: from high-tech parts for satellites, aircraft or wind turbines to screens, smart phones or the fitting for a lamp.

CNC automation in machine construction

Many RoboJob customers build machines or equipment. Both local and international companies construct the most diverse machines. Some have as many as 15 or 20 RoboJob automation systems that are used in different factories. Others are local niche players bringing unique innovations to life. No matter how small or large they are, all these machine and equipment builders have one thing in common: they all rely on RoboJob to keep production running.

CNC automation in agriculture

What does RoboJob have to do with Agriculture? More than you might think! Several of RoboJob's customers build machines that are used in the Agricultural sector. Automation is a crucial link in the production of such machines. Technology has never been as important in the Agricultural sector as it is today. Not everyone is aware of how many innovations there are in Agriculture. The result is that agricultural companies have grown into professional businesses with a passionate manager at the helm.

CNC automation in supply of mechanical components

Like no other, suppliers feel and know what the challenges are in an international market. The pressure to remain competitive and profitable is immense. Thanks to our robots, peace and quiet can return to the workplace and you increase your return. The majority of our customers are companies involved in the supply chain. These subcontractors or suppliers are a crucial link in the Supply Chain of countless companies. This means that the pressure to deliver quickly at razor-sharp prices is also enormous. That can also be felt in the workplace. Either it’s very busy and you’re short of time and hands. Or orders are delayed, and that also causes stress and uncertainty. RoboJob itself originated from a supplier. At our sister company, we have experienced for ourselves just how challenging it is to find good operators, to remain competitive and to deliver quickly.

CNC automation in plastics

Machining with plastics is rather different than with metals. In this sector too, RoboJob solutions are widely used to increase efficiency and spindle hours. Turning or milling with plastics is something very specific. Our customers rely on RoboJob for the automation of their turning and milling parts in different types of plastic. Thanks to our extensive portfolio of solutions in CNC Automation, we’ve already been able to serve many customers in the Plastics industry. In the meantime, we’ve been able to support many small, medium-sized and even international customers in the production of plastic components and products.

CNC automation in pharmaceuticals

Manufacturers of products and parts for the pharmaceutical and medical sector are also going for CNC Automation. They rely on RoboJob in order to strive for the highest possible quality. Quality has the highest priority in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Also in the production of mechanical components, products or equipment for the pharmaceutical and medical world. Many manufacturing companies and suppliers in the pharmaceutical sector are also going for CNC automation. When doing this, they also count on RoboJob. We owe this to the high reliability and precision of our systems.

CNC automation in tool manufacturing

Many well-known suppliers of Tools for CNC machines use RoboJob robots to optimise their own production. Indeed, they too need to optimise their production. Various suppliers of Tools and accessories for CNC machines count on RoboJob in order to produce their own products efficiently and profitably. They too have to limit their stocks for the purpose of keeping costs under control. This means that batch sizes are falling and that production has to be switched quickly from one product to another. With the Tower we offer you a real all-rounder that is extremely suitable for this high mix, low volume production. Plus ... the set-up and change-over times of our other automation solutions are also the shortest on the market.

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